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About The Australian Emulation Network

AusEaaSI is building a network of people and technology. Using Emulation-as-a-Service infrastructure (EaaSI), we are stabilising and providing access to culturally significant born-digital artefacts held in the archives and collections of Australian universities and GLAM organisations.

AusEaaSI involves a “grand consortium”: our partners are research institutions and organisations in the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) sector. Our people are involved in transformational research involving preservation practices and access to new forms of evidence as well as developing new methodologies for analysing and interpreting artefacts.

AusEaaSI focuses on five domains: media arts, architecture and industrial design, games and applications, AR/VR and web and pre-web networking collections and arhives. Shared through a single platform, this decentralised network of collections and archives should reveal previously unseen relationships between methodologies, artefacts and practices within and across these domains.

AusEaaSI is about the future as much as the past. Already rapid obsolescence is impacting on access to VR works, and digital work practices have rapidly become more complex across creative fields. This project is making a significant contribution to the development and implementation of robust strategies and methods to ensure that what we are creating today remains accessible to future researchers and historians.

AusEaaSI is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities grant: The Australian Emulation Network: Born Digital Cultural Collections Access (LE220100057). The views expressed herein are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the Australian Government or Australian Research Council.